Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great Buys at Great Prices!

Summer apparels at extremely great prices! Thanks J for these goodies!

Next to shoes and diamonds, clothes are women's best friend. And we love to shop but not when our pockets are about to drop.

J and I went out today to Homeplus Mall* with the intention of simply getting things needed for chilli con carne.  And coincidentally, we chanced ourselves on some great sales which would have made Madonna ay Hallelujah had she seen the prices.

Right in front of the shopping center was several racks full of great summer garments and apparels. These were sold with discounts as much as 50 to 75% off!!

#1 Colorful cotton shirt, fit for fab!
Item #1: Doesn't get more chic than this! The Raska (brand name) cotton shirt was among the great item we had at the store. With some time spared going through the shirts lined up on several racks, we were able to find this colorful, dandy shirt sold at at excellent price!Just mix and match it with your favorite pants, or colorful shorts or skirts and you are ready to go!From ₩49000 (Php1800.00), by grace of chance, it was now sold at ₩6900 (roughly Php200.00)!!

#2 Less is more

Item #2: Less is more. As much as I love wild prints on my clothes, I couldn't pass this shirt up. It is very dainty, light and pleasing to the eyes. It's a perfect shirt for anyone who likes minimal designs on clothes.

From ₩19,000 (Php718.00), this beauty was sold for only ₩6900 (Php260.00)!!

#3 Moo-moo dress top anyone?

Item #3:  I love dresses or wide, breathable tops I can put over my sleeveless shirt plus leggings. But sometimes wearing two clothes on a summer day can be a hassle. The top could either be just too heavy that you wind up sweating even more or loose that the strap just slides down your shoulder. As with other items we have gotten from the store, this moo-moo dress top is a great find. It is very dainty, light and the straps stay in place upon wearing it. The construction of the item is well built and very chic. It's a perfect summer apparel!

Can you believe that this dress-slash-top was originally priced at ₩69,000 (Php2600.00) and now sold for only ₩6900 (or Php260.00)!!!

#4 Love the blues
Item #4: This pair of shorts was the first one I had selected when we were snooping around items on sale. I love the color (and I could have gotten the bright pink as well lol). It is very chic, summer friendly and trendy. The pair is garterized (one size fits all) and coupled with side pockets.

Like the moo-moo dress, we got a very good deal with this pair of shorts. Originally prized at ₩69,000, I got this baby for only ₩6900!

Don't you just love good deals?

See you next time ^ ^

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