Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photoblog 11: Dong-bu Festival Series

I absolutely a wonderful time yesterday at the festival. My hubby invited me to come over at the event while he and his colleague did some school work. The little shutter bug in me came out from the sack and voila.. I've tons of photos waiting to be posted. So I'll start with the preparation then later brag some of the freebies I got from the shops. :P

 View from the top. Tents being set up for the event.

 They did all of this, including the gravel, for a very short time. Why can't we do that in the Philippines?

 View from the other side of the river. Colorful tents set up with a streamer up in the air.

 Strong wind and rain which was to come couldn't dampen everyone's festive mood

While everyone was busy setting up their stalls and products, 
flowers were blooming on the other side of the river.

Mirror image of the tents plus falls.

A stranger waits for Dong-bu Festival to begin. 

 The huge beach balls beckons everyone to enjoy the event while it lasts.

More pictures to come soon.

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