Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photo Blog 10: Beauty in Randomness

Happy Birthday Omma. 

The stillness of day..
with random cold chills in sight..
harks the question
could this still be one of the delights.

Random little things..
no meanings..just things..
Bashed.. threw.. just little things.. petty things.. 
especially in this stillness of day..

Yet.. what goes yonder..
is simple beauty 
in all of all its magnanimity..
These little things..these little things 

Hardened and toughened 
molded and crafted 
with random cold chills 
 replied to that query 
 at one sight. 

Who said the world upside down is bad?

Weeping building.

She stands out.

Beauty in Revery

Beauty in stillness

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