Sunday, August 4, 2013

Photo Blog #7:A quick escape from the city

Moi and our dear friend, Sunny at Unam Lake, Chilgok
Living in the city for some months now is quite tiring indeed. Fortunately, Daegu is practically embraced and neighbored with numerous mountains and lakes. These are quick escape from the literally hot (summer season) city. Our friend Sunny, as always, graciously brought us to one of a popular destinations in Chilgok (a neighboring town from ours) called Unam Lake.

 There are a number of ways to get to Unam Lake (but I have to ask Sunny though). We went there by car right from the restaurant where we had our sumptuous lunch. It was quite an adventure though, I have to say. One of the entrance ways to Unam Lake was off the main road and the road itself towards the lake was so narrow and pretty much beat up. Sunny had to drive real slow lest she scathe her car.

Mini amphitheater
It was however late in the day when we got there and the sun was just lashing its tremendous sweltering heat. We walked towards the amphitheater fronting the lake. There was a little bit of shade near the stage but they were good enough to ward off the heat.

The lake, Sunny explained, was a natural made environment. A lot of people, young and old come to this area to relax. The trees, especially along the slopes of the neighboring mountain become even more majestic when spring or autumn comes.

Photo Express

Visitors can walk along the board walk or way towards the food of the mountain. The lake itself is patted on the surface with water grasses (for lack of a better term to describe them)and lotuses.

Dancing water (fountains lol) shot up in the air and spews the living flying organism with gentle taps on their wings.

Opposite of the lake is the mini amphitheater and far beyond benches shaded by the trees for everyone. You wouldn't have to worry about food and refreshment as the park has numerous mini food and refreshment stalls.

Us donning a Korean look. ^^

Finally relented our fingers do peace signs.

The pigeons love to stay as well away from the sun.

Captured moment with the love of my life. (kilig kilig)

and this is how it looks like without us in the way. 

We finally went to a hut which was at the foot of the hill.
The adjumas didn't seem to mind us barging in.

Us in a playful mode.

My take of the lake.

Staying cool in the hut.
 Hubby and moi with a beautiful background. Thanks Unam Lake.

In the not so distant reverie...
is a wonderful nature for you and me.
dragon flies dance.. the lotuses bloom..
visitors entranced..
to that not so distant reverie.

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