Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo Blog #6: Birds of the same feather

The Lone Pigeon pondered..
' should I or not.. perch on the railing
I live near the  river.
The river is nice and clean.
Nestled on both sides are huge arrays of farm lands, 
with walk and bike ways for you and me.

Everyday birds comes by, hither tither

to see not only Mr. River. 
Perched on the railings,
some wading through the water, 
they await.. yes, await
for me or you 
to take their picture. ^^
-안나 로즈
Mr. Lone Pigeon counted clockwise and what not.. but finally mustered itself up
and marched towards the barrier.

Noticing the attempt.. lil birdies huddled much closer to each other

but finally relented..and waited for the big birdie to join the group.

Meanwhile.. Mama Duck and Papa Duck lead their young ones through the water

leaving their eldest daughter behind with a haughty suitor that they could discuss a brighter future?

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