Sunday, August 18, 2013

PhotoBlog #8: To Powhang See with love

A good friend of mine invited me over to join the Presbyterian Church Community's outing to Powhang See last week (August 15) during the SK's Independence Day. Liezel initially said it was just an outing by the river and the name was a mystery to both her and me. I accepted the invitation not only because it was a way of escaping the heat. But more than that, I took it as a sign of meeting new Filipinos.. or friends and expand my experience here the country.

I packed my bags a night before but still felt like to doing the last minute recheck of my stuff the next day (which is what I have exactly done). I left for the Yeongyongsil Bus Stop at 7:30 in the morning and got at the meeting place (Filipino Community Catholic Center) on time. Liezel picked me up from the center and ushered me to a small street where the Presbyterian Church was located. There I met a number of Filipinas together with their children, some Koreans and the pastor himself.

There was a special for our trip and the lead pastor made sure we were comfortable and provided us both food for the stomach and soul. Our bus rolled at 9am, the sun already beating hard. If anything, it only made us even more eager to be in the water and have the time of our lives.
I with the fellow attendees

Taking picture is a fad here.

one of the Presbyterian Churches in

Would this be the continuation of the river at the area where we live?

Our bus stop is an mecca for expensive stuff lol.
My friend Liezel and her son, Soohyun in stripped shrit.


the good ol' pastor of the community

 The morning snack (left  provided by the church) and egg that Liezel bought from the bus stop. 

This is what I like.. sight seeing.

This is what you call color coordination.  We got off the bus after an hours drive to have lunch at the canteen near the factory. The food was plenty and absolutely delicious.

lunch served. I took a handful of every food they served, including kimchi. We boarded back to our bus after our lunch. Pohwang Beach here we go

The Powhang See Beach. Crowded and people just enjoying the water.

and what a better way to curve the heat is the lovely and succulent watermelon

Good ol' pastor rendering us a song

Powhang See to remember
 It was pretty hot when we got to the beach. We settled in one of the cottages and waited until the sun was a little bit more friendly. Most opted to let their children have fun. Liezel and I on the other hand though enjoyed ourselves in the water. The Powhang See faces towards the Pacific, the water was about the color of sand. There are a number of things you can do especially if you are a big money spender. You can either ride a banana boat, ski or flying fish. As for Liezel and me, we simply enjoyed what Mother Sea had to offer and that was soaking ourselves in a very cool and refreshing water. 


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