Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PhotoBlog #9: Post Birthday Celebration snap shots

It's been awhile since I last wrote something on my page. Apart from house chores, I've been fairly busy going out with some of the new friends I've made here in Korea.

Without batting an eyelash, two of my very close Korean friends (Sunny and David) treated me out to a wonderful birthday bash together with my hubby. They had absolutely taken the time to be with me a week after my special day. They brought took us to one of the most beautiful and serene (and by far the biggest) Buddhist temple in Daegu- Dongghwasa.

Donghasa (no idea though what it means) is a temple complex spanning from one mountain to a couple more. You'll have to excuse me for lack of a better word to describe the complexity of the area.

Sunny took us first to some of the smaller temples in Donghwasa. These are located at the food of the mountains. The entrance way (picture on the left) leads to the smaller temples within the vicinity. The monks live in these areas and are pretty much in charge of maintaining everything. All temples within the vicinity can be checked out by tourists except for some temples where they are used as study classroom by the monks.
 It was midday when we got and most monks where inside the study temples. There was hardly a sound heard except from shoes rubbing against the pavement. There were a number of birds that chirped but their chatters was mostly concealed behind the spawning trees and bushes. In front of the temple entrance way was a gazebo of some sort of lanterns. Devotees and tourists can hang a prayer can write their prayers and hang it on the lantern. I don't know though how much you're suppose to pay but I think it's not that expensive

Lanterns full of prayers.

One of the temples housed a traditional Korean stove. I say, it was not different from ours way back then.

One of the smaller temples within the Donghwasa (I don't know the name.. ugh, sorry) 

A colorful tree waiting for autumn. The sweltering heat has kissed Korea for the last time and now.. everyone awaits for the cool blast of autumn..and dread the winter.

The temples are self sufficient. They grow most of their foods, including chilli! They also have ponds full of fish.. but they're not meant for eating.

Before we took off for another set of temples in Donghwasa, we pat the blessed Buddha's belly good bye. 

more to come... 

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