Sunday, September 22, 2013

Agochim... Not for the weak hearts

 Saturday is like a date day for us with our friends - Sunny and David. We would tarry along with them to practically anywhere, do some sightseeing. They would also introduce us to really great Korean (and most of the time) very spicy Korean dishes like 2 Saturdays ago.

아구찜. Agujjim was the name of the dish  we had from this restaurant. It capitalized on the monk fish's meat with little bit of crunchy shells (yes.. because you could eat the soft cartilage like shells with some kind of meat in it and more). Even though the fish (based from Sunny's description) wasn't really that great looking.... and looked somewhat like a piranha, it still tasted absolutely great.
... there's no turning back.. lol.
The monkfish for 아구찜/ Agujjim is displayed on
the right side of the glass pane. Pretty isn't it?
    As always, we were served up with an array of side dishes. A bowl of cold kimchi soup, cucumbers with chives, a dipping sauce with wasabi (which you could mix in or not), a small plate of pickled anchovy, anchovy sauce (binagoong isda) and more.

The anchovy sauce (and I guess it's the same with other restaurants is true) was very salty. A small bite of it would make you go bleck and drink lots of water.

Few minutes later, the good ol' waitress brought the main dish to our table. A sweltering, bright hot red dish on a huge platter with some basil of some sort to amp up the spiciness.... *drum roll please*.... The Agachim.

Yes, it's called Agachim. Believe it or not, from a not-so-good-looking kind of fish (monk fish) to mouth watering, blazing hot food for good friends to partake. It's so good that David couldn't seem to take his eyes off from the plate (lol).
My husband didn't need any further encouragement from everyone. He helped himself, just like everybody else in the following photos.

The dish was absolutely hot, it made everybody's noses runny. The weather btw was a little bit chilly and we could sort of feel it in the restaurant. But a mouthful of this dish, I swear, felt like we were back in Summer.

It didn't take long to empty out the platter. By the time were done, we had also finished several box full of table napkins and pitchers of water. lol.

We were later served with chilled rice washed water with bit of sugar (we call this 'am' in Philippines) and rested for a few.

Here's how my plates and bowls looked like plus rolls of tissues on the side lol.

Would I come back again to this restaurant for another round of Agochim? Maybe. We'll play it by ear.

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