Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Derm Experience in Korea: Moving towards a healthy skin

Snippet of me in the Philippines. 

Zits, back in the day, was a sign that somebody loves you. I had my first share in my 6th grade (I think) or first year in high school. It multiplied to a dozen when I started in college and it had gotten little bit too worse when I moved into the next stage of my life. At that point, my colleague and most especially my husband encouraged me to see a doctor. And I did.

Dr. Gilbert Yang (he was my first and rest assured my only skin doctor when I get back to the Philippines) treated my skin condition. He didn't use any scalpels, no under the knife or what have you. He treated my problem with great care and prescribed excellent medications. In less than a month of my first year with Dr. Yang, my face cleared up tremendously! Ang galing! Salamat doc!

Fast forward: All for Skin in Korea

The prescriptions I brought with me didn't last long. I only had few small bottles of my regular medicine. My good ol friends started to re-appear and the weather didn't help my condition (lol). Added to that, I failed to see any doctors and do my monthly routine as I did back then in the Philippines.My 'friends' seemed to enjoy their camp out on my cheeks and chin.. and found their way to some of the places they've been before.
Selfie during treatment
tee hee

Finally, after too much egging from my hubby, I checked online derm clinics listed online. There were plenty to chose from but only a handful that caters to foreigners (as they don't speak much English). The one that I found - All for Skin- had some pretty good reviews so I decided to call them. I was greeted by Kang Ho Lee, the medical tour coordinator. He spoke perfect English and helped me booked my appointment.

The All for Skin clinic was fairly easy to find. It took us about 20 minutes less by bus. We were received by Lee at the same time welcomed by an awesome ambiance of the clinic. Without batting an eyelash, he lead us to his small office and briefly explained how zits were formed, their types as well as the kind of treatments to choose from. After which, he ushered me to one of their dermatologists. The doctor (I forgot to get his name) examined my face and prescribed the right treatment for my condition.

And so it began... my journey towards a healthy skin.

To cut the long story short, my skin dramatically improved. The sessions (I think they were called Solar and MPDT plus CO2 scaling) were efficient and pretty much painless.  The fee wasn't that exorbitant plus, you get to enjoy the clinic's ambiance.

And yes.. my husband had to remind me..  they also have a superb Espresso Coffee Machine (my hubby loves their coffee lol) and a special waiting lounge area with huge baseball collections for customers to see. :D

I am one happy customer indeed <3

Ps: For more information, you can check out this link  or you visit their FB page

Pss: Special thanks to my husband who has been absolutely supportive and....yes, generous to me. lol. XOXOTTT

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