Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Oriental Treatment Experience

 Do your shoulders hurt while using your computer? Is your neck tight not only from stress but doing office work? Well, say no more. There's Oriental Hospital to the rescue. lol

I've been guilty to both pains myself for the past few days and they've been terribly quite a bother. The pain was largely due to my wrong sitting posture while using my laptop. I would usually sit sideways with my left arm would resting on the desk and right leg perched up on a small stool lol. Most of computer use would be done by my right hand like punching keys, hover the mouse, etc. By the time I've done most of my paper or art works,  my neck and shoulder would throb in pain. I'd have to drag myself away from the lappy and stretch out on the ondol heated floor.

I told this to my friend Chaeyeon in one of my visits and asked her if she knew any Oriental doctor that could help me out with my situation. As it turned out, she knew an excellent acupuncturist in her town. We made arrangements to go to that place on Wednesday afternoon, a day before the Solal New Year here in Korea.

BTW, I've never had acupuncture before, not even while I was still in the Philippines. The thought of poking needles to my skin ... intimidates me. 

Come hitherto Wednesday.

The clinic, small and dainty, was a little bit packed. And it wasn't just senior citizens that we've caught up going there but teenagers as well. The clinic had that odd.. musky.. sort of coconut oil being cooked over the stove smell.. which wasn't really that bad. We were greeted by the receptionist who only spoke in Korean. Since it was my first time, I had to fill out a registration form and show my ARC card as well. I think insurance picks up even the oriental treatment cost (cool isn't it?)

 We were ushered to the waiting lounge which had a lot of pretty cool massaging devices. There was a hand reflexology kit that looks like the one below. The adjuma who sat next to Chaeyeon showed us how to use it. You simply set the timer, insert your hands and let the device do its work lol. Sounds easy doesn't it? The adjuma showed us the end product which was palms with plenty of dotted marks. I wasn't feeling adventurous at that time but Chaeyeon was all too curious so she tried it herself. She was quite silent the whole time her hands were being massaged. The machine too much of noise, I guess while it was pounding her palms lol. When Chaeyeon pulled out her hands, she was sort.. of surprised too herself that she got dotted marks on her palms. I asked her if it felt good to which she shook her head. I made a mental note to myself not to use it next time we visit the clinic. 

The other devices in the clinic were for feet, back, lap and yes, they even had lazy boy (which I really wanted to try but a teenager was hogging it all to himself). As for older generation who weren't feeling too excited with modernity, there were manual arm massagers fixed on the tables like the one below. All you have to do is rest which ever arm, grab hold of the handle and rotate it. It's that easy.

Since the clinic was packed, we had to wait for some time. Finally, it was our turn to see the doctor. Chaeyeon told him about my condition. The doctor stretched out my right arm then put it behind my back and I winced in pain. He did the same with my other shoulder which didn't hurt as much. He advised me to sleep without pillows to correct my shoulder and neck (which I did that night..and it wasn't comfortable to be honest) and refrain myself from doing my poor sitting habit.(I am trying lol.)

After the consultation, we went to another room for the treatment. I was told to put on the patient wardrobe and lay down on the bed. The matting for my back was warm and very soothing. My feet on the other hand was warmed up by the stand alone heater which literally lighted the whole small room. I laid down there for some minutes then the nurse showed up. She put a small squared massaging pads on the back of my shoulders. They felt good and relaxing. Afterwards, the doctor came in and poked needles on me- one on my right arm and hand, one on the side of my left foot and hand. It wasn't painful as expected.. but I absolutely felt the presence of needles on my left hand and foot lol. Did that make sense?

After 20 minutes, the pads and needles were removed and I was asked to sit up with my back towards the nurse. She moved the heater facing the back of my left shoulder. She then dappled liniment and massaged my shoulders for 5 minutes tops. It was..heaven lol and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

The final part of my treatment involved the use of suction cups and laceration needles.. yes.. laceration. I was told that it helps correct the blood circulation in the body and removes pain as well..I think. Anyways,after the hurt area was cleaned and disinfected, the doctor began lacerating my shoulder down towards right portion of my back. He did it very fast and precision wise (areas where the suction cups would be placed). He then applied the suction cups and let them sit there for about 5 minutes or so. Afterwards, the cups were removed and the nurse diligently cleaned the lacerated area and then applied liniment gauze. Presto.. I was done. The whole process lasted nearly an hour rather too long but it was nonetheless worth it. My right shoulder felt much, much better indeed and I hope it would stay that way.

The regular fee for treatment I think was 5000-6000 won but since I was a newbie I had to pay 7500 won, not really bad.

Would I come back for more treatment?

Sure, why not? :P


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