Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random Shots

I love taking pictures and what a better way of telling some stories is by posting some pictures. These were some of the shots I've taken from the places I've gone to or sometimes while in transit.

Meet The Duck Duck

Regular 2-seater duck duck for anyone who wants to level up their romance (hehe).
There's also rides for groups (4 persons).
 The duck ducks are leisurely boats docked alongside of the river. I guess you can say that these are already part of "traditional" Korean scenery. They can be found in almost all parts of Daegu as well where in South Korea. They are environment friendly (I think... I've yet to try riding one of these babies myself lol) and affordable.

 I call this.. "The Royal Ride." Isn't it cute? 

Starbucks move out: Coffee shops abound in SK

 The length of my stay here confirms my observation that Koreans truly love their coffee. They don't limit themselves with just one shop like the (infamous) Starbucks. There's Holly's Coffee, Sleepless in Seattle (yes, like the picture above), Da Vinci Coffee, Coffee and Waffle (which is pretty much everywhere) and more (some in Konglish or movie namesakes). All shops have standard menu like expresso, Americano, latte etc. Their taste are.. quite the same and at par with Starbucks (if not more). If you ever have a hankering for some joes and cakes, limit yourself no more with Starbucks unless you want to get a 'free' planner.

Pray here.. or there. 

 I came across with these two women in one of my early morning walks by the river. They were caught up with praying and chanting.. unfazed by odd stares (mostly coming from me lol). The woman on the left lit some candles and led the prayers. They then placed their offerings (mostly fruits and soju) beside a gaped portion of the ramp. I've no idea if what's in that area. Maybe that's where their loved ones perished.. or it could be part of their tradition.

Four is their Thirteenth

Elevator buttons
Something is missing in this picture? Yes. You are right. Most Koreans living in villas (mid rise buildings) consider the number a bad luck. Thus, they skip the number as shown in the picture.

more to come....

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