Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Feast To Remember

Last week, I, Sunny and her sister's family - the Jung family- went out for a dinner in a Korean BBQ Restaurant  to celebrate a special occasion. Brian, the younger son in a brood of two bagged the Vice President position in his school. And I've no doubt that he would do well as a student leader and eventually obtain the presidential post in the next school year.

The restaurant we were in was dainty and quite cozy.  The customers slowly started to fill in the place when we finally gotten our tables. We had a grill on each table - one for the girls and the other for the boys.

 Mr. Jung ordered the meal for us and added a couple of beers and soju. The waiter then provided us with several condiments and these included chopped vegetables (lettuce, chilli, onions, chives etc.) such as the photo above. Each of us were given a small bowl so we can mix the chopped onions and chives into the sauce. The sauce was made of vinaigrette with a dapple of Dijon on the side of the bowl.  You can either mix the mustard into the vinegar or leave it out. In my case, I had accidentally stirred the whole of it in my bowl! The taste was pretty strong and smoky! It didn't deter me however from dipping the cooked meat plus vegetables into my bowl.

Unlike the BBQ restaurant Jeff and I had been before, this one had slats on the side where you can pour eggs and cook it at the same time with the meat. Sunny's sister sprinkled chopped onions on eggs and did most of the grilling herself. The meat (delectable beef marinated in some kind of seasoning) was totally awesome! There was also a beef stew (below) plus rice, lettuce, little bit of soju and beer, and babimbap (that Mr. Jung made) for everyone to partake.

As an outside, it was very nice indeed to see a family that is closely bonded with each other. With good relationship, positive outlook and more, I have no doubt that these kids will do well in their future.

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