Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photo Blog #3: And I thought they would never make it here.

I miss the Philippines, my family and friends....and yes Food. Good thing though there are stores (Costco is one) that house Pinoy products.

Now, it maybe an American company but I grew up with this name. I have a sweet tooth,
and Goldilocks will always remind me of their glazed and sweetened (sometimes over the top) cakes and rolls. It was luck finding this food though. Care for some spring rolls?

One of the popular products i n the Philippines, but I unfortunately have never tried it myself.

OK ka ba tyan? I love yakult and my dad buys this almost every week. Like any other kid born in the 80s, I would have one in my lunch box almost everyday and had one of it after school. I wonder if any of those old ladies with beamed hats still sell them there.

One of the Philippine's pride is the delectable mangoes.
I love mangoes ( especially the green ones with bagoong on the side). The dry sweetened mango is still a popular delicacy in the Philippines and it has successfully made it here in Daegu or in any part (I assume) of SK.
I have to say though that a box of it is quite expensive.

I have yet to try this. I bet this has a quite unique in flavor . And as a proud Pinoy, I say, this must be good.

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