Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kakao Talk, yeah baby!

Just a quick rev about a messenger:

Living abroad has a lot of perks. You get to meet new people, immerse with their culture, dine at good ol' traditional restaurants and let's not forget, ways of keeping in touch with your loved ones. Our friends, Sunny and David, introduced us to a messenger application that is absolutely free and very easy to use. It's called, "Kakao Talk."

It's similar to Yahoo messenger, gmail chat, FB chat and Viber but several notches above them. This is by far the coolest and glitch free messenger I have used so far.  

Q: How do I install this application to my phone?
Kakao Profile on my smart phone.

First thing you ought to have is an internet connection. For smart phones, go over to your play store and search for Kakao Talk. It only takes a few seconds to install the application. Launch the program through your phone. I think you may have to fill out your name and other details such as your phone. The verification code will be automatic and before you know it, you will be typing away your messages for your friends.It is that easy.
KakaoTalk Icon on my phone

Q: How can I add my contacts?

The contacts you have on your phone will appear in your Kakako Friends' list. You can also invite others to join you and experience a good messenger in action.
Some of my Kakao friends

Q: What if I don't have a smart phone?
Easy breezy! You can use your computer or laptop to access Kakao Talk. In my case, I have installed the application to my lappy as well. I can receive my friends and hubby's messages both on phone and computer at the same time. There is no need to log out from either. 

Kakao on my lappy
Q: Have I encountered any problems?
Nope. It is so far a very sturdy application unlike Viber which has just been hacked by a terrorist group. See the article for yourself. Viper hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.

Q: Are there any cool things that the messenger has?
Yes! You can add in your photo as your avatar or display photo (dp). There is a selection of alert tones for messages which are all so totally cute! Kakao Talk has a number of cute smileys you can use.

You can also send and receive photos, files, documents and even music from your Kakao chatmates without hassles.

Q:  Would I recommend this to others?
Definitely! This is an application worth downloading!

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