Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Salon Day Yehey!

Summer here in Korea is at its full swing. Everyone is feeling the muggy, unmerciful high humidity and sthe scorching heat of the sun. My situation wasn't any better. I had long hair and I didn't want to wear it up or do the Korean style. I preferred to wear it straight without any folds or what have you.

So finally last Friday, I went to a salon together with my husband in Chilgok. It was quite a distance but it didn't bother me because I love sightseeing. The salon, where my husband is a regular, is located on a second floor along the main road. It was a huge and dainty beauty parlor with a nail posh section just beside the door. The boss, I believe, immediately recognized my husband and he motioned for us to seat at the lounge. Hubby explained we both needed hair cut plus hair color. The boss brought with him the book of 'hair colors' and suggested that we both have a darker shade of brown to hide the grey strands. We both nodded and then the boss went straight to work.

Nail posh section and a very comfy lounge area for customers

 Hubby's hair cut and color were done both by the boss. It took the sojangnim (boss) only about 15 or less minutes to get the kind of cut my husband wanted. Before I knew it, I was led by another staff member to a seat fronting a huge mirror. I had only a straight cut, nothing more nothing less. I should have asked for the latest Korean hair flair but decided against it. After all, I still preferred my hair long and straight. Maybe next time I could go for some twirls and actual hair bangs -- laughs out loud----.

Hair Color

Hubby sporting a Korean expression while I take pose with my hair capped with solution.

I liked the way they colored our hair. It wasn't messy and there were no screeching pain in my scalp. They were very careful and almost precise I have to say. Unlike in Manila, this shop had its own way of applying the coloring solution to the hair. Instead of flipping the hair over, they started from the outer strands and worked their way towards the inner layer of hair. They weren't thrifty either with the solution. I checked myself in the mirror and it sure looked like every strand of my crowning glory was being taken good care of the salon. Pretty neat, right?

After the solution was applied, one of the staff motioned us to sit at the hair steam lounge area (for lack of better word to call it). We were given cups of iced cold oranges to drink and magazines to browse. My husband told me that the shop also provides glasses of wine to drink. But of course, it was later in the day and we didn't want to get tipsy on our way back home. The shop (and I think like in other salons in SK) has wifi where customers can browse the net on their smart phones for free. 

After 20 or less minutes, our hair was done and we were ready for some more action. 

The lady wearing the black shirt attended my hair. She blow dried my hair using two driers in one hand. Amazing isn't it? She's the type of girl you wouldn't want to mess with. She is very serious, dedicated and very good at her work. Kudos to you lady!

Without much ado, here's the result:
Shiny and healthy hair smiling back at you!

The hair cut cost around 5k won and 10k I think for my hair color since it was quite long. (I'll have to get back at this part of thread and ask my husband the actual cost lol). All in all, the price wasn't that bad considering their did a very good job and you get a sort of royal Korean treat.


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