Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baburger anyone?

Baburger anyone?
I am a heavy rice eater. I love all sorts of dishes made out, with or partnered with rice. So when our good friend David, dropped by last Saturday and invited us over for lunch at shop around our area, we did not hesitate to say yes right away.

The shop David took us is about 5 minutes or so away from where we stay here in Daegu. It is located alongside of the road and in close proximity to two universities - Yeungjin and Kyunpook. The shop, called Baburger, is small, dainty and heavily frequented by students and their loyal patrons. Thus, you can imagine that the price range for all of their dishes are very affordable..and taste great.

David ordering food from the counter while
I checkout their potable water dispenser
Their menus are posted on the wall. All their menus are printed in Hanggul (unfortunately for me). I could only so slow, it might take ages before I could place any orders. So, we're pretty much grateful for David for being kind for patiently translating most of the dishes' names to English for me and J.

The price ranges from ₩ 2000 to 3,500 ( Php75 to 115). They're not really that expensive compared to the size of Kimbap sold at 24-7 local stores. 

Our good friend, David.
Hey, he can be your friend too!
According to David, it takes about 10 minutes or so to prepare the food. In case you don't really want to wait at the shop, you can simply call their number and place their number. They don't do deliveries so you'll have to drop by and pick them up. 

David got us 3 different types of Baburgers - Ham and Cheese, Kimchi plus with something (I forgot what it was) and Chicken Mayo. Jeff got the Ham and Cheese, me with their chicken and mayo and kimchi for David. 

Fresh straight out from the kitchen, the rice (wrapped in foil) looked like balls. We could have eaten them right away hadn't David motioned to us to look at a picture. It instructs customers (ahem) on how to eat the delectable baburger. First, and David this with ease, started pressing the rice balls down until they were cut down the shape of burger patties. We followed suit and pressed 'them balls down.'

Here is how they all look like after pressing them down.
You can eat the Baburgers like burgers or with spoon.You can also get an extra serving of kimchi if you want some bit of kick in your food. 

My food (photo above) had mayo and bit of soy sauce. There were also bits of what we thought was nori mixed in with the rice. My Chicken Mayo with egg burger was good. The rice was well done (tastes a whole lot better than Jasmine rice, I tell you) and so were the strips of chicken meat. 

 Jeff's baburger on the other hand was the seller of that day. It was really good and very tasty. I wouldn't mind going back in there and get a couple of his Ham and Cheese baburger! 

The Baburger shop is open daily except Sundays, from 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. If you happen to hit here in Daegu, don't forget to check their menu!

Baburger's window facing along side of the road.
It is filled with the shop's customers' scribbles.
How cool is that? ^^

Happy Eating!

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