Monday, July 22, 2013

Daiso Thrift Store

So what can you buy with your 1000won (like a Php20.00 thingy in the Philippines)?

Daiso within sight!
Plenty.. well that is, if you know where you can find some of the right shops. There are numerous thrift shops that you find in SK. One of them is Daiso.Usually they are found along major thorough fares, along side of the road and even in a subway.

Daiso is not hard to miss. It has that prominent red square icon with 2 rows of white circles and the name of the shop at the bottom tapered on the left side of the signage. Next to it is the Hangul name of the shop in glaring red  color.

So what is in Daiso?Almost all of your everyday needs. The items are arranged by category (pretty much like any other stores) from kikay kits (nail color stickers, hair bands, phone pouches, beauty products) to  pet needs. They also have food and refreshment section which are quite affordable so to speak. The price range of items is from 1,000 to 3,000 above.

Here are some of the items hubby and I purchased at Daiso. Each cost 1000won or probably a little bit more.
Socks for everyone. They have different designs starting from plain ones to something cute such as the photo above. They have hiking socks, stockings, ankle length, scarves, hats and more. 

How about school materials? I was snooping around for some envelopes and I chanced on this one. 

I have a knack for art and stationery since elementary.  When I saw these paintings on the notebook covers.. (I will definitely go back and get some more lol), I just had to get them.

I paint my nails but who wouldn't want to make things easier? Fancy for a K-pop design?

How about some cappuccino mix?

For purchased items are only but few pieces, you can simply pack them in your bag or if not, ask vendor for a shopping bag.


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