Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Photo Blog #4: The Food We Make and Love to Eat.

Some of the comfort food we - hubby and moi- make and indulge ourselves with.

#1 Our mini burgers! Made from 100% good lean ground beef, with lettuce, cheddar jack cheese, onions, pickles and more. It was tad difficult to find a hamburger buns. Most stores don't really carry this kind of bread (unless you feel like getting a bulk of it at Costco), so we just simply settled with small buns instead. The one we got was actually good and freshly baked. Bon appetit!

#2 Bakes taters. The potatoes we have seen so far here in SK were huge and of good quality. We bought about a kilo which cost us nearly 3000 won I think. Since we had a hankering for some slob of sour cream and cheese, we baked our taters and sprinkled them with chives.

#3 The baked tater is perfect with steak. I never really eat rare steak but this one was actually good and tasty. The Koreans really know how to produce good and tasty meat!

#4 WE love to bake, even while we were still in the Philippines. Brownies is one of our faves, mixed with good ol' walnuts.

# 5 Yes! Nachos and we love them as well. With smoldering jalapeno and salsa and delectable cheese and sour cream and guacamole on the side.. Yes, bring them on!

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