Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photo Blog #5: Heavenly Food in Chilgok

We love food, in great quantities or small, new and not. We can't let the chance slip through our fingers without trying even some of the local best dishes as well. The opportune moment knocked at our door step when our good friend Sunny took us to one of the Korean restaurants. Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the shop. But it was located in a small up hill beside the main road in Chilgok. It's location is not that hard to miss either (provided you could read the Hangul lettering hanging just above the shop's door).

So what did we eat? Sunny took the lead in ordering our food for lunch.

For starters, chicken and cabbage salad with vegetables on the side. It was absolutely good and tasty!

Sunny and I taking a pose :D
The resto has several expandable rooms and you can eat there together with your friends in privacy. There's no chair by the way so you'll need to practice sitting on the floor instead (with your legs tucked under the table or folded).

Glass noodles with peppers, mushrooms and some seasoning. The look as well as the taste reminded me of our own pancit in the Philippines.

Our starters were soon joined by fried vegetables (eggplant, potato, green chilli ..yes green chilli and squash) with its dipping vinegar sauce. 

 And these were quickly followed by a whole array of side dishes.. a good prep for our main dish.

Pickled egg plant on the left and steamed green chilli in coconut I think

 The bright red dish in a white plate is the infamous kimchi which is almost a requisite to all kinds of dishes. 

I sort of giggled when I saw this was also served. Yes... dilis (anchovy) glazed with light vinegar and bell peppers. Yummy!!

We were each given a bowl of steamed rice (which was a whole lot better than Jasmine I say), a clear cold bean sprout soup.

 And the main dish was served!! Woohooo!!Sunny called it "Black Fish" stew served in an overwhelmingly huge platter. It had potatoes, chilli, chives, chilli.. did I say chilli? Yes, you can pretty much guess that the dish was strikingly hot in color as well in flavor (and I meant that in a very good way). The black fish, which is the English name for it, is huge! Very big and has tons of tender, really tender and melts in your mouth kind of meat. I must confess that I hardly eat any fish but I can eat this dish everyday!

 Hubby serves up our friend with a spoonful of black fish meat.
 This is how the meat looks like up close. It's very soft and tender, but not so much that it falls apart kind of way. It has a sort of sweet nice taste to it despite the strong chilli hovering over the taste buds.

Our desert were quite simple but very nice nonetheless. The photo above is a sweet soft dough cookie I think and the other (sorry, no photo) was a cloudy rice drink (like our 'am' with a little bit of sugar). Not bad. Not bad at all.

It cost us about 45k won (and you may say it was quite pricey) but really, it is worth every penny.

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